Andrew Leland Rogers is a Mexican/American actor, writer and producer. He trained at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute New York and under Vincent D’Onofrio, Roberta Wallach, and Sharon Chatten among others. His work includes his first feature length film, Elsewhere, NY,  that has won numerous awards on the festival circuit, Opening Night, with Topher Grace, Taye Diggs and Anne Heche, and the films Souvenir (2018) and After Her (2017).

Rogers has worked on over 25 short films, including SHAME by Daniel Bello, Sadness from Miguel Angel Salazar and Floating into Dreams by Camila Saldarraiga.

He is currently working on The Pink Lotus, a series by visionary Ali Akbarzadeh (Killswitch, 2015), DERIVA, MX  from Santiago Mohar Volkow (Los Muertos, 2016)  and, Tic Tac Toad, written and directed by Rogers. 

Commercially, Rogers has worked with directors Roberto Sneider (Arrancame la Vida, 2008), Maxi Blanco, and Enrique Begne (Compadres, 2016), among others. Rogers splits his time between Los Angeles and Mexico City.


Opening Night                                     Brian                                                 Isaac Rentz - Dark Factory

DERIVA MX                              Pepe Sanchez Campo                               Santiago Mohar Volkow

Elsewhere, NY                                       Ethan                                           Jeffrey P. Nesker - Bootleg/ON

Green Parrot                                     Alvie Eden                                             Ali Akbarzadeh - Akorn

Souvenir                                           Harry Belton                                      Armond Cohen - Phototaxia

After Her                                               Daniel                              Felipe Gon/ Greg Karpinski - F Gon Productions

SHAME                                                   Jonas                                            D.B. McHugh - Alaska Audiovisual

Sadness                                                  Main                                  Miguel Angel Salazar - Panorama Producciones

Let it Go                                                 Jeremy                                           Tom Wilton - Project Bootleg

Jackrabbit                                              Harry                                              Tom Wilton - Project Bootleg

27                                                   Mexican Director                             Marc Lafia – Marc Lafia Productions



Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                              Brick                             Anna Strasberg Scene Night Marilyn Monroe Theatre              Financial News Reporter                     Winterwheat Productions News

The Leche Show                                       Leche                                                   Andrew Rogers - Studio 73


Television and Broadcast
Training & Workshops

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute 2012-2013
             Lola Cohen, Roberta Wallach, Robert Ellerman, Lorca Peress, Mauricio Bustamante, Michael Ryan

Acting on Film

             Carolyn Pickman, Boston MA

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